Ovine Ecthyma, Live Virus
Vaccine Type

Live Virus

Available Sizes

100 doses

Ovine Ecthyma (Sore Mouth)

We have been producing an Ovine Ecthyma vaccine (commonly referred to as ‘sore mouth vaccine’) in concert with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Services since 2015 mainly for the sheep producing community in the Southwestern United States.

This is a live virus vaccine and is produced using scabs collected from animals that have been inoculated with the virus. After collection, it is put through the production process to manufacture batches of the vaccine and samples from each batch are put through a live-animal efficacy test—using animals that have not been previously exposed to the virus—to ensure the vaccine is doing what it is supposed to do before being released to sheep producers for use in their flocks.

The live virus vaccine aids in the prevention of soremouth caused by Ovine Ecthyma. To administer, lightly abrade ¼ in2 of skin on the inside thigh of the animal’s hind leg using a sterile needle then apply the vaccine to the abraded area using a small stiff brush. The abrasion site should be checked for “take” 8 days after administration. Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter.

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