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Our entire business has been built to provide veterinarians and livestock producers the tools and information they need to “prevent the preventable” in order to keep their animals healthy and productive.


Diagnostic + Testing Services


We utilize advanced techniques and technology coupled with our extensive experience in diagnostics to work with veterinarians to ensure proper sampling, easy submission, quick turnaround time and accurate results. Our diagnostic services are aimed at isolating and identifying viral and bacterial pathogens and providing the information you need to select proper antibiotic therapy as well as the ability to include virus and bacteria isolate in a custom (autogenous) vaccine to prevent future disease.


Commercial Vaccine Production


For over 40 years we have been focused on developing novel, effective bovine vaccines that provide immunity against existing and emerging diseases that affect stocker and feeder cattle.


Custom Vaccine Manufacturing


When commercial vaccines are not providing you the protection you need against all of the viral and bacterial pathogens that are challenging your animals, we can manufacture a customized vaccine that fills the gaps your current vaccination protocol is leaving uncovered.

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