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Not All Adjuvants are Created Equal

While adjuvants are a key ingredient in efficacious killed vaccines, not all adjuvants are created equal.

Reveal Antigen Transport System (ATS) is our proprietary adjuvant system that was specifically developed to improve the performance of our killed bacterial vaccines by creating a strong immune response while also reducing the harsh side effects often associated with other, more commonly used adjuvants.

It is incorporated into our PRO-BAC™ and MYCO-BAC® vaccines during the manufacturing process, so it comes ready-to-use and eliminates the hassle of chute-side mixing.

The Reveal ATS Advantage

Optimizes vaccine efficacy & stability

Attracts immune cells to the injection site to increase replication

Protects antigens from circulating anti-bodies

Enhances antigen presentation & processing for better immune response

Slowly releases the vaccine’s antigens for prolonged immune system exposure as well as the vaccine’s endotoxin to reduce harsh side effects often associated with vaccinating stressed cattle with gram negative vaccines


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