Thursday, 28 May 2020 14:51

Bimeda Announces ‘Bimeda Biologicals Inc’ as Name for Acquired Vaccine Company

Bimeda Inc. is pleased to announce the formal renaming of acquired vaccine production, research and diagnostic company, Texas Vet Lab, Inc., as Bimeda Biologicals Inc. Both Texas Vet Lab, Inc. (TVL) and the VetBio, Inc. divisions of the business will henceforth operate under the new legal name of Bimeda Biologicals Inc.

Dave Cunningham, Bimeda's Chief Commercial Officer, commented, 'the renaming of the organization represents the first phase of our branding strategy and the continued integration of the TVL business, which is designed to see the company reach its potential both in domestic and export markets. The new name, Bimeda Biologicals Inc, respects the core identity of the business, while formally incorporating it into the Bimeda group of companies.'

Bimeda acquired the Texas-based biologicals business in December 2019, marking an important step for the company into the area of preventative medicines. At the time, Bimeda noted the company's significant potential for sustainable long-term growth and made a commitment to substantial investments to drive growth for both the existing vaccine portfolio and new product offerings.

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